So many reasons to call in a professional declutterer…

You’ve just got too much stuff: Whether it’s a wardobe, a room, your entire home, attic or garage – I can help.

Key times involving children: Preparing for having a baby, when they start primary or secondary school or when they’ve grown up and left home – always a good time to make some changes.

Recovering from an operation or illness: Clearing and organising really can make a positive difference at difficult times in life. If you need to sit down I can do more of the physical part of the decluttering, as long you are able to make decisions about your things.

Moving: Whether you are moving to a smaller or bigger home, it is a great idea to sort through everything before you move. No point wasting time and money packing up and shifting things you won’t need.

Getting older: Sometimes the amount of stuff accumulated over years just becomes too much.  Some of my older clients tell me they want to declutter because they want to be the one making decisions about what happens to their things.  They don’t want to burden family members or friends but they know something has to be done. Others say they want to lighten up and enjoy life without all those things they know they don’t really need anymore.

(If you know someone who is a bit older and doesn’t have internet but has expressed a desire to have a clear out, please kindly let them know I can assist in a friendly, caring and patient way.)

Dreams: Some people have dreams about changing jobs, starting a business, finding more time to spend with their children or other passions, or dream of a holiday, time to read, time to get fit or just a more simplified life – whatever your dreams, decluttering and organising your things and your time, finding new methods to streamline the running of your home can open up all sorts of possibilities!

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