General Declutterring

You do what? Wow, I think I need you to come to my house.

Wait, how does that work?

     These are some of the most common responses I get when I say I’m a declutterer and organiser (it’s still a relatively new in Scotland). I love telling people all about it (may be slightly evangelical) so if you’re also wondering, here’s the short explanation about the sessions.

     At the initial free consultation, we figure out what area of your home to start with and how long of a session would work best. It can be anywhere from two to seven-hour sessions. Three hours is a good amount of time to make significant progress without getting worn out.

     I arrive at your home armed with coloured bags and a few ideas from our first meeting and together we go through your stuff, deciding what to keep, reuse, upcycle, donate, sell or decide later.

     The main thing I can do for you is to keep things moving, and to help you to stay focused and motivated.

     During this time, we can talk about your plans (which usually become clearer after just one session) and how to tackle them. At the end of the session, we then discuss what next? You can have as many or as few sessions as you’d like depending on your goals.

     I drop off your charity bags afterwards at no extra cost. You may already have a favourite charity, or I can tell you about the many charities and organisations I know about that can benefit from things you no longer want or need.

     I also send emails with any information that might be either helpful or motivational to keep you going after I’ve left.

     My clients have told me that the thing that surprises them the most is just how much more easygoing it is than they thought it would be, as well as being therapeutic and fun!

     What are you waiting for?

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