About Me

I’ve been there!

     Eleven years ago I had my second child and worked full time. I probably got about 3 hours seep a day (not necessarily all in one go) for about two years. I was wrecked from trying to ‘do it all’. I carried on in a frazzled state for some time after that while stuff seemed to multiply in my home. It was like Groundhog Day but not as funny! One day I thought, enough is enough, either I run for the hills or find an easier way.

     If I had known there were professional declutterers who come to your house to lighten the load, I would have done it in a minute. I realised I was trying to do it the same way it had been done for generations and it wasn’t working. So I made it my mission to find new efficient, practical methods which would make life simpler.

     The Braw Wee Clearing Company came about when I realised there must be others like me who want to simplify their lives but don’t want to spend as many years getting it sorted. I am passionate about my work and love seeing the positive changes it makes. It is so much more than just clearing out a bunch of things, it’s making way for a new way of life!

     After years learning about decluttering, organising and cleaning through my own experiences, practicing on friends and family, reading LOTS of books and doing LOTS of research, I travelled to London for a training course and became a member of APDO. I also attended the 2018 APDO conference in London to find new and improved ways to do things and I’m still learning while working with my lovely clients.

     I can save you a whole lot of time and energy by passing on all the tips and tricks I’ve learned while we declutter. Ideas and methods that will help you figure out what will work in your home to make life simpler for you.

     What I also discovered is that it’s not just busy mums who are struggling it’s men and women of all ages and situations who are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they have which makes life harder on a day to day basis.

If you’re ready, I’m here for you.


‘When things really were simpler…’

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